We Know Humber Bay Shores like We Live here. Because We Do!

There’s more to choosing a place to live than finding the best home at the best price. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that absolutely primo spot for a cappuccino? Or where to find fresh groceries without getting in the car? Or simply just had a feel for the neighbourhood like you lived here?

That’s where we come in. Tell us what you’re looking for; your ideal home. We know where to find it in Humber Bay Shores.

Over a decade of helping people like discover the pleasures of Humber Bay Living

A deep understanding and knowledge of all the condo and townhouse options in the area – all of which we pass along to you

Complete real estate services and guidance from the moment you call, to when we hand over the key to you new life!


Just think, if you buy from Humber Bay Living, you’ll already have friends in the neighbourhood when you move in!

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